Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The art of acting is alive and well on Sutter St. as demonstrated by some stunning performances from Cowboy Mouth by Sam Shepard on Tuesday May 17th, 2005. Dave Stewart and Otcai Sailor reminded us about the elation of living fully, the folly of being human, and the passion to become actualized. The Shelton Theater became one big living flower as witnessed by those in the house. Jeanette Sarmiento's monologue, No Smoking, was high art camp and a total delight and Howard O'Dell and Todd O'Connor created a hysterical and poignant Lone Star. It was a marvelous night of intelligence. On Monday night we witnessed a wonderful performance of Graceland as performed with exhuberance and committment by Windy Barnhardt and Nanrisa Lee. And Joshua Klein played Murray in A Thousand Clowns with somber grace and aplomb. A vaudeville Zoo Story was funny and entertaining, due to the casting of big Ed Giles and Greg Young, for those that have worked on the play over the years, this was indeed an eye opener. Bravo to all participants and viewers. Both nights were a total success. I talked to much on Monday night I was told, after all i did spontaneously call Richard Harder wonderfully arrogant and a fine actor and our lead for Oleg's direction of the Elephant Man . Luis burst into a spontaneous cheer over Graceland. and the night was alive with Jean Shelton in the house both nights. We look forward to tonights work with the newcomers as taught by Julie Dimas-Lockfeld.

We are prepping for the arrival of Oleg Liptsin the master Russian Director who came to us and directed Chekov's Cherry Orchard and Gogol's The Marriage. Workshop to accompany his vist. Stay tuned. Jean Shelton will be offering Script Analysis, this once yearly lecture course is mandatory for studying with Ms. Shelton and all students are encouraged to attend this lecture course.